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Enterprise Value:
       Enterprise mission: provide value for customers, create wealth for society
       Enterprise aim: develop Zhaolong, serve Country, expand Zhaolong, devote Society
       Enterprise spirit: advocate dedication, diligence and respect-work, pragmatic and progressive, observe                                    law and discipline
       Quality policy: Sound Quality & High Efficiency, Credit & Commitment Keeping
       Service idea: satisfy our customers with our continuous improvement

Operation Philosophy:
       When your hard working is beneficial to both yourself and others,you will be happy and successful!
       Customers' existence makes our enterprise survive; customers' support makes our enterprise grow; customers' needs make our enterprise expand; customers is the ocean where enterprises ship;customers is the source of enterprises'lives;customers build the stage for us; customers help us realize the career dream,we should treat the customers well.
       Our community and society provide a good environment for our career, we must be accountable to them, try our best to support all the meaningful public welfare undertakings.
       People's enthusiasm and creativity are the inexhaustible wealth and resources for us, the essence of management is to develop the human resources. To maintain and enhance the competitiveness,we must arouse people's enthusiasm and stimulate people's creativity .
       We are the people who race with ourselves, for the better tomorrow, we will try our best, never stop.

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